Fit-out works & Procurement



Located in the heart of Istanbul's old city and built in 1918, the palace was the first jailhouse in the capital of the Ottoman Empire. It was designed in Turkish neoclassical style at the beginning of so-called First National Architecture period. The jail was then abandoned in 1969. Only in 1992, after a long period of neglection, a redevelopment project was considered to convert the building into a hotel. The jailhouse’s great significance in terms of history, art and architecture, found a new life with the opening in 1996 of the Four Seasons Deluxe Hotel

ARR&D Interiors was responsible of the procurement of the marble works , millwork and loose furniture in the rooms and the public areas.

ARR&D Interiors was in charge of the procurement process for interior works as a whole. Translating the architectural project into a reality, ARR&D Interiors followed all fit-out working process of the various areas: rooms, lobby, restaurants, bars, SPA, meeting and events areas.

In the second phase, ARR&D Interiors provided services for FF&E, OS&E and artwork, sourcing out and searching for final products.


City: Istanbul